5th Tainan Run Up Charity Race

2019 will be milestone year in more ways than one!

Classic and anticipated sport event – the “Tainan Run Up” charity race – will be in its 5th year; at the same time, Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Since 2015, the “Tainan Run Up” campaign has already donated a total of TWD1,582,255 for the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (T.F.C.F.), a non-profitable group devoted to assisting children from low-income families in Tainan.

Continuing the legacy of caring for children, after deducting the costs, all the event revenue will be donated to T.F.C.F.

We sincerely invite you to join us running for love – let your passion burn, challenge your limits, and enjoy the panoramic view atop the city!


Far Eastern Group, Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan


26, May 2019


Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan, B2 Ballroom


From B2 to 38F

Registration Period

7, January to 15, April 2019


*Fee excludes NT$100 deposit for the chip (to be refunded after the race), postage fee and transition fee.

*The above starting time for running is an estimation only.  The actual starting time may depend on conditions on site.  Your patience is appreciated.


Individuals aged over 15 years old are eligible to participate in the race event.  However, individuals under 18 years old are required to email an acknowledgement and authorization declaration form with his/her parent’s or guardian’s signature to sltn@shangri-la.com or fax to (886 6) 702-8819 after completing the registration and payment.

Special Notice

  1. All persons may only participate in one type of competition.
  2. A participant who registers or participates in more than one type of category will be withdrawn from the competition and not be entitled to a refund.
  3. A participant or team with a member who is confirmed to be using banned substances or is responsible for any type of fraudulent activity while participating in the competition will be withdrawn from the competition (with no ranking nor result) and be subject to further investigation and legal consequences where applicable.



  1. Please select the payment transaction method and make the payment by the deadline (in 72 hours).
  2. No changes to the registration information will be permitted after completing the registration.
  3. Payment can be made via the 7-ELEVEN ibon service and ATM service. Please be aware that the payment transaction must be completed by 2 p.m. on the following calendar day to successfully complete the registration procedure.

※ Notice

  1. Participants should understand that once the registration has been completed, changes cannot be made to the registration information, including names, categories, vest sizes and so on. No refund will be made due to personal negligence.
  2.  An L size will be provided in case no size is indicated in the registration.  There is no guarantee that your selected size will be available; vest sizes will be subject to stock availability.

Race Pack Collection

* Runners who successfully complete the race registration will receive their race packs by mail (within Taiwan only)
The race pack includes a bib number, champion chip and notice which will be mailed to the address three days prior to the race event. (Family team will receive 3 bib number, 1 chip and 3 t-shirts.)
* A postage fee must be paid along with the entry fee.

Race Regulations

A. Notice (Please read carefully)

  1. All participants have to fill out the declaration and must be in good physical and mental health to register for the race events. Do not register if you have health concerns, such as heart diseases.
  2. After checking in, keep safe custody of your race timing chip and bib number. The committee will not replace lost numbers or chips.
  3. Runners will be identified by bib number, you will automatically be forfeited from the race without your bib number and not permitted to enter the race course.
  4. Participants should attend the competition after the health check and follow the referees’ instructions to start.
  5. Please arrive at the ready-to-start area at the prescribed time.
  6. Runners participating in the race events will use the racing chip to record their respective times. Please follow the instructions on how to use the chip and fasten it to your shoe properly. The hotel will not be responsible for improper or faulty use of the chip. Remember, no chip, no time!
  7. Please stand on the left-hand side, next to the wall, to avoid blocking the other runners’ path.
  8. If you need to take a rest, please inform the staff and follow the directions to the rest area. Please avoid stopping or sitting down in the runners’ pathway for more than 5 seconds.
  9. Please bring your ID with you to the race.
  10. Further announcements or revisions to these regulations will be announced by the event organizers.

B. Scoring Rules

  1. There will be individual scores for male and female participants.
  2. Each group should be composed of 10 persons. The score will depend on the average of each team’s top seven participants; this is not a relay race. In case of emergency situations on racing day, a group must have at least seven persons participate in the race.  Substitute or non-registered runners will not be accepted.
  3. Family teams require three participants. Each team must include an adult with a race timing chip. Three participants must reach the terminal point at the same time.

C. Dispute Procedure

Any dispute concerning the competition should be brought to the organiser’s attention within 10 minutes of finishing the race and a deposit of NT$3,000 must be submitted.If the judges of the review committee conclude that the dispute is not justified, then the NT$3,000 deposit shall not be returned.

D. Violations

Competitors who commit the following violations listed below will have their results disqualified from the competition; disqualified participants will be announced on the website.

  1. Taking the elevator up or blocking another person or team and bring personal belongings during the competition are prohibited.
  2. Receiving assistance from another person or party, using false ID information or a substitute or non- registered runner to run during the competition are prohibited.

E. Deduction

If the amount of cash awarded is in excess of NT$20,000, 10% tax will be deducted from winners who are Taiwan citizens, while 20% withholding tax with no restriction on the amount will be deducted from winners who are non-Taiwan citizens (a photocopy of proof of ID is required).

F. Safety First

  1. Please be sure you are conditioned for the activity before starting the race. The referees and the doctor have the right to ban any participants from the race based on his/her physical condition. Substitute or non-registered runners will not be accepted.
  2. Sport keeps one healthy. Yet, one must consider his / her adequate sleep the night before the competition and finish breakfast 2 hours before the competition. The first-aid service association will provide first-aid for emergency. Any complications arising out of any illness of runners will not be covered in this accident insurance.
  3. Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing for the race; slippers, nakedness or making a racket is prohibited.
  4. For safety concerns, all belongings, such as backpacks, water bottles and any other items which could endanger the safety of participants, are prohibited in the race course.  Please follow the staffs’ instructions.
  1. Pets are not allowed.
  2. Pacers are not allowed.

G. Insurance Against Public Accidents

The event committee will provide public accident insurance with coverage at NT$6 million for every runner. (See policy terms for details of the insurance.)The insured shall be liable for the compensation of injuries, death or property damage that caused to a third party when the following accidents occurred during the policy is in force. When the insured claim indemnification from this company, we shall indemnify the insured:
1. Accidents out of running occurred to the insured or its employees on the competition route as stated in the policy.
2. Accidents occurred to the insured due to the buildings, passages, machineries or other working objects on the competition route.

*Items not covered by the insurance:

(1) Sport-related injuries due to personal illness (2) Signs and symptoms that caused by personal problems or cardiovascular disorders, such as shock, heart disease, heat exhaustion, diabetes, heatstroke, altitude illness, epilepsy, dehydration, etc.

 H. Storage of Personal Belonging

  1. Personal belongings and bags may be checked in on the race day (15 April 2018) at 9 a.m. Use your racing bib number to retrieve your personal belonging and bags. All bags must be checked out before 12:30a.m.
  2. Please store all valuable personal belongings in a secure place. The event organizers shall not be responsible for the loss of any personal item.
  3. Cardholders of Far Eastern International Bank will enjoy access to the VIP Lounge.

I. Portrait Right

All participants shall agree to allow any video recording, photo and so on of the race event to be used for promotional and publication purposes.

Prizes and Awards

If the amount of cash awarded is in excess of NT$20,001, 10% tax will be deducted from winners who are citizens of Taiwan and 20% withholding tax will be deducted from winners who are non-citizens of Taiwan (upon presenting a photocopy of their ID).

Individual Awards

Group Team Awards

Family Awards

Best Costume Award

We welcome participants to cosplay and showcase their alternate identity and/or image.  The winner will receive a special prize.

Special Room Offer

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